b.a.l.m. WHITE SHOW call for entries 8/24/09

As the cofounder of b.a.l.m., which is a small group for encouraging and promoting artists in life and art, I have gotten to co-dream and facilitate this show with my husband.  The heart image on the call for entries is an altered photograph I took of an aluminum heart sculpture I created years ago.  I haven’t poured metal in years.  The original concept for the WHITE SHOW came from a friends in Oklahoma, which they offered us.   From that point, we came up with a context of inspiration of sorts.  The discussion on LinkedIn , Twitter and Facebook regarding this concept is fascinating and may help in deciding on work to create and submit for the show.  There are already numerous aesthetic, philosophical and material discussions circulating in cyberspace.  We look forward to more and hearing from you.

Incidentally, I had a great time celebrating a plein air friend’s birthday on Sunday and painting together some fabulous people and artists.  I was thinking “white” of course, and was almost in a white wedding as I painted the light that filtered throught the trees on my canvas from behind the tall grass where the bride and groom were being photographed.  Nevermind my adventures painting the trains, barns and the grain elevators previous sessions.  There are stories to tell.  Being lost in the country with Jane could become a white painting of a more conceptual nature, more of a confusing fog kicking up the dust of country roads in the broad summer sunlight near Vinland, and eating my annual piece of gooseberry pie.  I wish I could have painted the sunset I saw as I walked the other night around our neighborhood, as the color drained away until the sky was the color of a pale, slightly yellow riesling in a glass.  And I drank in every last drop.  Anyway, my studio is lined with many of my interpretations of white, from abstract studio paintings and sculptures to a few plein air candidates.  Just like everyone else, I will have to see which pieces I decide on for myself and which one Sam picks for the show.  Can’t wait to see everyone’s pieces…  I wonder, will there be a white elephant?  What is white?

h1Call for Entries for the Juried “WHITE SHOW”

b.a.l.m. announces the “WHITE SHOW” call for entries, a juried art show.

balm WHITE SHOW at Signs of Life Gallery

On October 23rd, 2009 b.a.l.m. will open its art show at Signs of Life Gallery in downtown Lawrence, Kansas and will run till January 18th, 2010.
The show is open to all artists 18 years and older, and the entries are due September 4th, 2009 before 11:59pm. There will be a minimum of 3 cash awards given at the judgment of the jury and committee.  Awards and totals TBA at a later date.  If you are interested in helping sponsor this event please
contact Darin.

We are happy to announce that Samuel W. Kho has agreed to guest jury the show.

About Samuel W. Kho

Samuel W. Kho enjoys a diversity of roles in many an art world— most importantly, in organizing exhibitions with artists.
Kho currently serves as Curator at All Things Project, a gallery located in Greenwich Village, New York City.
Previously, Kho was co-director of Hayworth Gallery in Los Angeles and had his graduate studies in the Art Market (FIT-SUNY).
To Samuel Kho, art, like life, is like a cactus: it ought to be thorny just as it could be beautiful. His constant mission is to gather and
empower a dangerously prickly assortment of people, classes, and beliefs.

All work should be a majority of white in color.
There is no size or material requirements, however the gallery ceilings are 11′ and 12′.
The jury and committee is open to all 2-D and 3-D mediums.

The jury committee has put together an inspiration that will encourage artists with some glimpses of the concept.


If you are interested in submitting work please see the files below, read them carefully and follow the instructions.

If you have any questions contact us here.


we reserve the right to change this information at any time
-all rights reserved and copyrighted b.a.l.m. 2009

see original post here

~ by balm on August 24, 2009.

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