Want a Portrait in Digital Media? 7/2009


HEARERS & DOERS digital painting copyright Shannon White 2009

Digital media is just too fun!  I am painting wildly and there is no mess to clean up.  This is my husband, for those who know him and may see the resemblance.  It’s either him or Van Gogh…  It is NOT Eric Fischl.  I am taking commissions and selling prints of these.  You are next.  Recession, recmession.  The enjoyment of such a piece outlasts that of a film by at least a few years.   Make me your best offer, and it should probably be over $25 dollars by the way.  

This particular piece is commending those people who actually live the amazing dreams they speak of, the amazing few.   They make the most of their human experience and they encourage others to do the same.  Thanks, Darin!


~ by balm on July 23, 2009.

One Response to “Want a Portrait in Digital Media? 7/2009”

  1. Wow, I really like this. what you said about him is so true and I didn’t really think of that, because I don’t really know what all his dreams are, but I do know –it’s about art, well and life and beauty- the whole b.a.l.m. thing. Yeah, I am such a slow learner, but when it hits me , I do get it! You guys started what I wished there could be or probably thought of before partially, but I did not stop long enough to think about what it really was or think I could do anything about it. I’m still wishing I had more friends here and so many other things that I just talk about, but don’t do anything about it.
    And yes, Darin and you both are wonderful encouragers. That’s what God wants me to do with my artwork and pass it along to other people through cards (I just started doing postcards too) and of course I want to make larger prints to sell. Then I start feeling greedy, then guilty, then I quit doing anything–Whoa! we all know who the author of that is. So thankyou sooo much for inspiring me/us in life and our artwork and for being friends.
    What you wrote about HEARERS & DOERS, Shannon, I want you to know is “so You” and from the heart. What a precious “Atta Boy”. And it was like a blazing flash light/headlite/search light/beacon from God saying “you can do the same, just do it!”
    We were just talking the other night about who we could invite to come over or go do something with to get to know some people better. Would you all like to go out to Clinton Lake or somewhere neat & have a picnic or bar- b -q soon while we still have good weather?

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