Harvest of Hope

Here is a new painting called Harvest of Hope dealing with events leading up to the stem cell harvest of my son Caden, who is fighting neuroblastoma cancer.  You can see more info about the concept of Hope on our art site called balm.  I am working on a series called Hope in Hopeless Places.  I will continue to post these as I am able.  My husband Darin is also working on a sculpture about our son’s situation.

Harvest of Hope


~ by balm on September 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “Harvest of Hope”

  1. […] ongoing battle with cancer that our son Caden is fighting.  Shannon produced a painting called Harvest of Hope based on events surround his stem cell harvest.  She is also working on a series of finding […]

  2. Shannon…I love how your words help to ground such an abstract idea like hope into such a common, every-day object. Your explanations of the wonderings and encounters and processes that lead you to the questions your artwork is exploring offer such a generous door for the viewer to walk through–at his/her own pace, and so engaging with their story’s intersection to your own. You are a welcoming artist–a breath of fresh air. And by the way…I like your revisions!

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